月別アーカイブ: 2008年8月

Strawverry Music Festival

It is a four days event starting from tomorrow, and ends on Sunday.


This is my third time going there. We’ll leave Cupertino tomorrow morning, and get there sometime in the afternoon before dark. Activities there are simple, I can do anything I want including nothing. In fact, I may do that for the first day doing nothing. I’ve worked so hard last few weeks. I am so tired even now. It’s the perfect time and place to rest.

Of course, it’s a music festival, I must go to see musician’s play. The main stage has three showings per day, and other small stages have numerous music plays pretty much all the time.

For this year, we will bring bicycles and cycling around during the day. I will also bring two books. And this is important, I won’t bring my laptop. That’s it. No computer for four days!

By the way, Gary’s dad is the organizer of the festival. So we have vip tickets. It’s kind of fun to be the back stage to see musicians so close, and can get much better food from there.

Can we really change?

It’s the week of Democratic convention. Although I am not a citizen of US, I am paying attention to it because I really wish America to change for good. I am a supporter of Obama. I’ve read his book, The Audacity of Hope, and thought he has a potential. Among so many tactical actions in politics, I don’t know what is right or wrong. What is true or not is up to individual, and it’s rather silly to say it in front of Hillary or McCain supporters.

But I have a hope. I was called as an idealist when I was young, and I hope I still am.


バラクオバマの本、合衆国再生、大いなる希望を抱いて、(The Audacity of Hope) を読んで彼の回答を見つけた時、単純だけど、同感した。彼の姿勢は常にその辺にあることが分かってきた時、私は彼のサポーターになっていいた。アメリカは変わることができるかもしれないって希望が湧いてきた。



Venus Williams

I found her strong words today that hit me.

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. That’s what makes you a winner.” – Venus Williams

I am not necessary liking her as a tennis player, but these words convince me why she is one of the top tennis player in the world. It’s so hard to believe myself especially when I am facing to a huge obstacle. On top of that, everyone says that’s impossible, that’s too much for you.

I don’t need to be a winner in tennis. I don’t need to be the most famous or richest person in the world. But I do want to be a winner who won’t forget to challenge new things no matter what they are, no matter how hard it seems, and who can defeat the cowardliness inside me when no one supports me for the challenge.



こんなに成長して、こんなに悩んでいるんだ。18 歳ですから、恋の悩みなんかも含めて、自分が現状から抜け出せないでいるもどかしさとか、1度は陥る死んでみたいという絶望感など、彼の詩の中に吐き出されていました。




Wrote about this in Mixi, blog site for Japanese, but I want to add this here because it’s sort of surprising to me, it serves my needs enough and exceeded my expectation.

It’s only less than $500 including tax and about 2LB. I can bring it to everywhere and play with for emailing, writing, photo editing, Skype, etc. I don’t need to have a super machine for games. Compared to my Dell, it really looks like a toy.

I tried it out yesterday for the first time and Skyped with my son. I noticed that “o” and “space” keys needs a special attention to make sure they are keyed. With those small keys, my typing speed slowed down a lot, but I could still use all fingers. This little one will go to Rapa Nui together with me next year.

Where is Rapa Nui?

To get to Rapa Nui from San Francisco where I live, I need to stop at least two places. I will go to either LA or Miami, then Santiago, Chili. If I want to save money, I need to stop more places, but I want to avoid that. And depends on the flight time, I need to stay a night at Santiago because it flys only 2-3 times a week from Santiago to Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui.


2009 Expedition Briefing

The briefing for my expedition has arrived!

I was so excited that I spilled my drink over it… I haven’t read even one page of it yet!!!

Well, that’s all right. It will be a part of briefing booklet history. It will be so duty by the time the expedition ends… hahaha


It’s about 50-60 pages long talks about the project overview, the daily life at Rapa Nui, Travel planning, the research papers, and packing list.

This page shows the map of Rapa Nui and our project area, Vaitea. We will stay at Mataveri, the only village in the island.

It looks like I need to submit 4-5 forms about me:

  • Personal History
  • Health Form
  • Travel Details Form
  • Liability Release
  • Skill form

According to the briefing, there will be only 5-7 volunteers in my team and 4 investigators/archaeologists from various places.